All available to borrow

A case of HivesL. Heath
A Sting in the TaleDave Goulson
A world Without BeesAlison Benjamin & Brian McCallum
Anatomy and Dissection of the Honey BeeH. Dade
Anatomy of the Honey BeeR. Snodgrass
Apis Through the Looking GlassG. Royle
Background to Bee BreedingJ. Atkinson
Bee Keeping at Buckfast AbbeyBrother Adam
Bee Keeping for AllTickner Edwardes
Bee MedicinePaul Uccusic
Bee Sex EssentialsL. Connor
Bee SpaceJ D Yates
Bee Time Lessons From The HiveMark L Winston
Beekeeping Study Notes (Basic)J & B Yates
Beekeeping Study Notes (Modules 5,6,7 & 8 )J & B Yates
Beekeeping Study Notes 1,2,3,4J & B Yates
Beekeeping TechniquesAlexander S C Deans
Bees and Honey
Bees In The CurriculumBBKA
BeeswaxR. Brown
Breeding Better BeesJ. Dews & E. Milner
Breeding TechniquesF. Ruttner
British Bee Journal 1964BBJ
Elements of GeneticsJ. Mesquida
Feeding Honey BeesBBKA
Form and Function of the Honey BeeL. Goodman
Garden Plants Valuable to BeesIBRA
General Husbandry
Great Masters of BeekeepingRon Brown
History of BeekeepingH. Fraser
Home Honey ProductionW B Bielby
Honey and DustPiers Moore Ede
Honey Bee AnatomyBBKA
Honey Bee BiologyJohn B Free
Honey Bee DemocracyT. Seeley
Honey Bee PathologyL Bailey and B V Ball
Honey Bees in Oman
In Search of the Best Strains of BeesBrother Adam
In The Apiary: A Month By Month GuideBBKA
Insect Bites and StingsH. Riches
Keeping Bees Looking After an ApiaryVivian Head
Keeping Healthy BeesD. Alston & S. Bucknall
Light MicroscopyR. Oldfield
MicroscopyManchester Microscopical Society
Microscopy for BeekeepersP. Jewell
New Perspective on VarroaAndrew Matheson
Pheromones of Social BeesJ.B. Free
Plants and Honey BeesD. Alston & S. Bucknall
Pollen Identification for BeekeepersR. Sawyer
Pollen Identification for BeekeepersRex Sawyer
Practical BeekeepingClive De Bruyn
Queen Breeding and GeneticsE. Holm
Queen rearing and Bee BreedingH. Laidlaw and R. Page
Shinning HoursC N Buzzard
Starting OutMathew Allan
Successful Bee KeepingE B Wedmore
Swarming: Its Control & PreventionL E Snelgrove
Sweetness & LightHattie Ellis
Teach Yourself Bee keepingA N Schofield
Teach Yourself BeekeepingAdrian and Claire Waring
The Art Of Bee KeepingW Hamilton
The Bee Catalogue 1992IBRA
The Bee CommunityF H Metcalf
The Bee Keepers HandbookHerbert Mace
The Beekeepers ToolboxMathew Allan
The Biology of the Honey BeeM. Winston
The Biology of the Honey BeeMark L Winston
The Buzz about BeesJ. Tautz
The Dancing BeesKarl Von Frisch
The Hive and the Honey BeeDadsant
The Honey Bee Around and AboutCelia F Davis
The Honey Bee Inside OutCelia F Davis
The Honey Bees of the British IslesB. Cooper
The Junior True Book of Honey BeesJohn Lewellen
The Legend of the HiveMaria Owsianka
The Life of the BumblebeeD.V. Alford
The Medical Aspects of Bee KeepingHarry Riches
The Observation HiveK. Showler
The Pollen Grain Drawings of Dorothy HodgesD. Hodges
The Pollination of FlowersM Proctor & P Yeo
The Preparation of Liquid HoneyCecil C Tonsley
The Shamanic Way of the BeeSimon Buxton
The Social Organisation of Honey BeesJ.B. Free
The Ventilation of BeehivesE. Wedmore
The Wisdom of the HiveThomas D Seeley
The World of a BeehiveJohn Powell
The World of BeesMurray Hoyt
The World of the HoneybeeColin G Butler
Understanding Bee AnatomyI. Snell
Wax CraftT W Cowan


Please advise Kevin Gillard of you have any of theses books,

  • Background to Beekeeping, Allan Waine
  • Background to Beekeeping, J H Atkinson
  • Beekeeping Study Notes (+ Varroa addendum), Yates
  • Bees at the Bottom of the Garden, A Campion
  • Bees for Profit and Pleasure, H Geary
  • Bees: Their Vision & Chemical Senses, K Von Frisch
  • Beeswax, Ron Brown
  • Beeswax from Honeybee Swarms, Not Known
  • Complete Guide to Beekeeping, J Evans
  • Control of Varroa, DEFRA
  • Control of Varroa for New Zealand Beekeepers Discovering Beekeeping, Daphne More
  • Encyclopedia of Beekeeping, Morse & Hooper
  • Guide to Bees and Honey, Ted Hooper
  • Honeybees, John Llewellyn
  • Plants and Beekeeping, F M Howes
  • Practical Beekeeping, Clive de Bruyn
  • Practical Beekeeping, Herbert Mace
  • Practical Beekeeping, Not Known
  • Principles of Practical Beekeeping, Couston, Robert
  • Queen Rearing, Snelgrove
  • Sixty Years With Bees, Simms
  • The Barefoot Beekeeper, P J Chandler
  • The Beekeeper’s Guide, Herron Hempshall
  • The Beekeeper’s Manual, L A Stephens-Potter
  • The Dance Language & Orientation of Bees, Von Frisch, K.
  • The Golden Throng, E W Teale

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